Sunday, 19 September 2010

Yesterday was a particularly busy Saturday. A small fair was being held in our village and I had kindly been asked to exhibit some of my work - which of course I said yes to. So for 2 hours I enjoyed watching locals come and go and talking through my designs, selling prints and getting a few commissions too! It's amazing what you learn when you start talking, and a few exciting things are now planned for the foreseeable future. This little chicken was a popular character and I hope to use him in a few more pieces of work I'll be doing.

After lunch we took a ride out to the coast for a bracing walk along the beach. Unfortunately the tide was mostly in so there was only a wee bit of sand to walk on. I managed to get very wet from a wave that came out of nowhere. It was a great day for it though - sombre and overcast (but no rain) and the sea was so very rough! It's hard to capture the enormity of the waves with a camera, would prove more successful if I could have recorded the sound too.

Of course we had fish and chips and then ice-cream on the way home. Lovely!

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