Friday, 17 September 2010

It's not a new year but it is certainly new beginnings and therefore a chance to renovate my blog and make inspired intentions to regularly update on all the fascinating things going on in the Yorkshire countryside and the life of a designer. So with a half a heavy heart, 2 weeks ago I bid farewell to city life in Edinburgh and now much missed friends. The other half was excited to take a beautiful road trip through the Scottish wilds and full of anticipation to finally, 5 hours later, reach home.

Days have so far been taken up by unpacking my treasures accumulated over the year in Edinburgh and struggling to find room for them in the house. Aside from that, I love being back with my animals, the chickens are cock-a-doodle-doing and the gamefowl are laying tiny eggs. We have two broody white silkies plumped up on their nests waiting ever so patiently for their chicks to hatch - no idea how many eggs they're sat on though!

The weather has definitely turned, it's so chilly we're having to light the fire. We've been out a few times to collect sticks and firewood from fallen branches. There's no doubt here that winter will soon be on it's way.

With two weeks to settle back in to a slower and quieter paced life than it was in the city, comes the end of a two week break from illustration work and all things design related. I am keen to get started on some different ideas that I've been toying with and the first project to ease me into it is a little something Cate James and I worked on before I left. Images to follow soon!

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