Monday, 20 September 2010

Say hello to Walt! The newest and the most unstable addition to our household. As good a job as the broody hens were doing, last night when I returned home from a BBQ they had moved their nest along with the four chicks and had left a bunch of eggs - unhatched... apart from one that had a tiny crack and a beak poking out of it. Needless to say we all thought the chick inside was dead as the egg was so cold, but on taking it out from the coop there was the tiniest bit of movement from within!

So, painstakingly helping him out of his shell and placing him under a heat lamp and on top of a hot water bottle, he spent the night in my bedroom sleeping and chirping. very happy to say he made it through the night and so far, so good. He is very unsteady and sleepy, we think he might have an infection in his eyes and perhaps that's why he was left in the nest. Keeping an eye on his progress and hoping to reintroduce him back into the fold so he can meet his brothers and sisters.

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