Tuesday, 1 February 2011

January is over - hoorah! I'm not one for wishing time away but here's hoping that February brings on better weather and better tidings. I designed this pattern today which has got me in the mood for Spring...

Over an eventful weekend our washing machine leaked and flooded a whole room. We quietly left it to be on its own while we took ourselves off to the seaside. That day has inspired a poem.

This post today has to be dedicated to Monsieur. He was put down on friday after being diagnosed with merricks disease. Very sad and very missed.

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  1. i love your chameleon picture. i didn't know you got a new one. what is his name? By the way, I think I met your old chameleon! You said he was dead but it is not true - he is off travelling! I was really surprised when i met him.

    Very sad news about Monsieur:((