Saturday, 19 February 2011

Illustration friday - layers:
How many layers of bark does the woodpecker in our back garden have to go through? Enough to keep us awake in the morning!


  1. You are blessed to hear woodpeckers instead of cars and plains in the early morning.
    You ever wonder how his neck takes all the drilling through the bark?
    Great and fast drawing style.

  2. Beautiful style. I love your line work!

  3. Gorgeous line work! You capture the woodpecker's movement incredibly well.

  4. beautiful drawing, holly! i like the green and red touches k x

  5. Hiya Holly,

    Hope you're keeping well. Things here are good, tres busy as always, I surprise myself sometimes at the amount of things I can juggle all at the same time!

    I make and print my own cards, all from my house, with the occasional bit on the sly at work or at an open access studio. Getting them printed digitally by a professional is mega bucks and also the places I tend to sell them through generally want them hand made. I usually edition them, and don't make any more than about 30 of each ( I change the colour if I want more) that way they seem even more special and people seem to like that.
    If you do want some digitally printed do an alright rate and will let you order in small numbers which is good. If I come across any others I'll let you know! Good luck and keep me posted with how you get on.x