Sunday, 2 January 2011

Well a new year and a new studio! Thanks to our christmas visitors helping shuffle around furniture I now have a completely perfect studio to work in equipped with computer, scanner and printer, lots and lots of storage and about a million design books - hoorah! Feels like it's been a long time coming and today I've finally managed to finish sifting through piles of things. Everything has a home and I can't wait to get started on designing.

I'm working on a few different projects at the moment, one of which the photographs below are for...

In other terrible news, one of our prize chickens, Monsieur, has lost the use of his legs. It's horrible to witness because he was such a proud cockerel, what's worse is his partner Madame seems to have no sympathy and ignores him. We're trying to rig up some kind of harness that will enable him to be upright.

Happy new year - may it be everything we wish for!

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  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear about Monsieur! And hooray hooray for the new studio! Has your new printer arrived already? I ordered one too as I run out of my prints and I am both excited and scared now. We all know how temperamental these creatures are! x k