Saturday, 22 January 2011

A miracle has happened! For those of you who keep up to date with the happenings of my chickens, Monsieur my cockerel most favourite, has been desperately poorly. For over 2 weeks his legs have given way to lameness and he has done little else but sprawl on his side with his wings to support him. Just as we'd counted him out and were considering the worst in taking a trip to the vets, yesterday morning he showed signs of promise in sitting fully up... and today, much to our surprise, we caught him outside standing up. Praise the lord!

Really love this time of year when the chickens don't have to brave horrid weather and instead they begin to explore the garden again - they're very amusing to watch and I can especially enjoying drawing them. Struggling to keep organised at the moment. I'm hindered by my own imagination and having too many projects on the go, which admittedly I love and keeps me motivated, but I'm getting lost under the piles of stuff in my studio...

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  1. Such a good news! It made me happy when I read this post. And how is Madame now? She hasn't been a supportive wife, has she?
    Glad to hear you are busy with the studio work.
    k x