Sunday, 19 December 2010

So yesterday I reluctantly ordered another printer - the epson R1900 - it was with reluctance because of the huge mistake i made with the first printer i ordered. However I have done my research this time and I am safe(ish)ly in the knowledge that the new one will print fine art and heavy weight papers just fine. Hoping it will make it here before christmas but who knows with delays on the majority of online orders.

Earlier this week a completely different order arrived in the post for me, a book that looks to me like a godsend - the answer to all my pattern prayers. I have to wait until christmas to find out though!

As cold as it is outside, one of our chickens Trudie, is still persistently laying eggs and sitting on them. She had 8 yesterday but we've had to take her off them. Chances are even if she managed to hatch chicks out, they wouldn't survive in this bitter weather. Also after the debacle of selling our cockerels at market we have vowed not to breed any chickens again.

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  1. hi holly, i thought i commented under this beautiful chicken yesterday but it looks like it dissapeared or something. i keep my fingers crossed so the printer arrives soon and it prints perfect. i am thinking about getting one too. good to hear it is not too cold down there and your chickens are still laying eggs!