Monday, 29 November 2010

Well! All birthday plans have been suspended - no meals out, no day trips, just a whole lot of snow to ruin any arrangements I had made. I did get a very delicious homemade birthday cake with lemon curd and creme pattisserie - yum!
Luckily I'm not strictly at work until Wednesday but I had hoped to get lots of illustrating done over the weekend and do some printing with my new printer. However I made a tiny (huge) boo boo and ordered a printer that doesn't even print with fine art papers, woops. So that is being sent back tomorrow and a new one ordered that does work with the papers I use, all be it at more expense.

None of us are particularly enjoying the snow. The dog gets snow balls and can't walk very far, the cat has to work out a pathway around the garden that avoids the deepest snow and the chickens don't even come out it's too cold for them! Hibernation for us all here I think. Luckily we have been able to occupy ourselves with decorating the christmas tree and listening to festive music.

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  1. Hello lovely!
    Of course I remember you, and your beautiful drawings. Glad to see you're still living the Beatrix Potter dream with all those animals. Will keep popping on to see what you're up to. Good luck with the illustrations!x