Sunday, 7 November 2010

I got a new tattoo on my drawing hand - silly me! So I've been left incapable of writing/drawing properly as it's on the palm of my finger... and supposedly it takes 3-4 weeks to heal with it being such a stupid placement. However it is still a very nice tattoo.

Still it is 'all go' in the countryside. We're being over run with chickens, at last count we had I think 23 so it's off to market in two weeks where I hope to do some sketching of the rare breed animals they have there. Sadly one of our chameleons died last week. We always struggle in the household to cope when one of the animals passes away, but it was particularly distressing to see the dead chameleon - totally unexpected.

In other news there will be no photos of my ceramic dish uploaded because I did a terrible job! Goodness knows what I was thinking when I was selecting the colours...


  1. i thought your wild days were over m'dear! hopefully you feel better soon! (and i want to see a picture! what did you get?!)

    and oh noes about your chameleon! my sincere condolences!!

    xx kc

  2. i want to see a picture too! holly, when are you coming to edinburgh and how long are you staying for?

    sorry to hear about the chameleon. so sad! and how is oscar the owl by the way?