Monday, 25 October 2010

This cat that I've named garrett began life around this time last year (a result of playing with touche wash) and poor him was never completed until now. Although he may be finished, I think there is more to illustrate surrounding his story, and I may well start with what it might be that he's jumping away from... raincheck.

Time seems to be running away from me lately which is frustrating as it leaves me wondering when on earth I can get conclusions to the ideas and designs I'm presently working on. Hoping in the next few weeks to get my website up and running - can't wait! There will be lots of little treasures and suprises I think.

The sky is bright blue and full of sun today which means we should go on a great dog walking adventure into the forrest later. Still chilly, but a perfect excuse for a fire tonight.

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  1. i recognise this guy! i didn't know he was juming away from raincheck though:) cannot wait to see your website! x