Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A much awaited post at last! Life has been very hectic - full of working, worrying and sometimes having nice days out where you might eat the best sandwich you've ever had. Lately I've been having too many working lunches (see below) at a lovely tea house, jotting down notes and such for forthcoming work...
This little fellow also deserves a mention for the excitement he caused within our household. His name is Oscar and we found him injured on the side of the road, so beautiful and amazing to think that I've held a real life owl! After a brief stay at a local vets he's now safe and sound at an owl sanctuary until he recovers.


  1. oh! the owl is so wonderfully adorable! is he as tiny as he looks?
    college is as college is. getting back into the swing of things. plodding along fairly swimmingly so far. miss you of course! it isn't quite the same with out the usual MAers around us. ::sniffs:: and you must come for a visit!! i'll offer up our couch/mattress (though others will most likely have lovelier spaces for you to stay in...)

  2. i love Oscar too. hope he recovers soon!